Women in Tech Hangout Insights: Finding a job in tech

Photo credit: www.flazingo.com

Each month at the Women in Tech Hangout, we end with who’s currently looking for a job and the companies we know that are hiring. At our March Hangout, a member asked for tips to help her daughter’s job search. We brainstormed and I thought this list would be helpful to share.


Local Tech meet-up groups

You don’t always need to travel south of the border to meet like-minded folks. Did you know that the Alpha Loft hosts a NH tech start-up and tech events calendar? ┬áThere are specific user groups for WordPress, .net and Drupal as well as general groups for NH Media Makers and Makers in Manchester. Get out there and get connected!


The “Monster” of tech

If you want to look for tech jobs, take a gander at Dice.com. It’s similar to Monster.com but focused on technology professionals.


Find out what it’s really like to work there

Glassdoor provides a boon of information about tech companies through reviews, salary markers and snippets about the interview process. It’s not a foolproof source, but can provide you with greater insight. Knowledge is power, but use your best judgement what to do with it.


One of the unique challenges those in NH face looking for jobs is that many tend to be over the border in MA. The good news is there are more tech companies and opportunities in NH and they keep on growing. Many of us in the FTW Women in Tech Hangout live and work in NH, so if you’re interested in doing the same, come check us out!

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